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Tips to Help You Write a Five Paragraph Essay

Writing a well-structured and effective five paragraph essay is something that should be mastered by all high school students. Although the task seems intimidating, knowing how to approach it will make writing easier.

Structure Your Essay

Five paragraph essays are made up of an introduction paragraph, three body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. Start by creating an outline that can help you plan what will be included in each paragraph. Your introduction should introduce the topic and be to the point. This paragraph should end with a clearly stated thesis that will help guide the rest of your essay. Next, each of the three body paragraphs should be focused on a separate main idea that helps prove or strengthen your thesis. These paragraphs should include concrete evidence that helps support your main idea. Finally, the conclusion should bring your essay to a smooth close while bringing together all of your main points. Use this space to make sure you have answered your essay prompt.

Do Your Research

Since you will need concrete evidence to support your main ideas and thesis, you may have to do some research. Before you start to write, look for resources where you can find strong evidence to support your ideas. You can use books, academic journals, and the internet to look for the evidence you need. If you plan to use the internet, be sure to stick to web pages that are credible. Write down all of the sources that you're using because you will need to cite them in your essay and include them in a bibliography.

Does Your Essay Answer the Question?

Unfortunately, many students work hard and long at writing a great essay only to discover it doesn't answer their essay prompt. To avoid this, go back and read the prompt every so often while working. This will help ensure that you're staying on topic and not veering away from what the prompt asks.

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