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Help Your Child Strengthen Their Vocabulary This Summer

Language skills are the key to great communication and a solid future. To help your child expand their vocabulary this summer and develop their language arts skills, use these tips.

Daily Reading Time

Reading is one of the best ways for anyone to expand their vocabulary. Students of all ages can benefit from daily reading time at home. If your child doesn't yet know how to read, you can read aloud to them as they follow along. This will help expose them to new words and context clues. Older students can take this task on themselves and read silently daily. It helps to have them keep a journal where they can write down new words they find in the book they're working on. This will ensure they can keep track of the new words they've learned so they can incorporate them in their writing or in their speech later on.

Word of the Week

Help your child learn new words by implementing a word of the week each week at home. Choose a word and post it on the refrigerator or somewhere visible in your home. Have everyone in your household look it up so that they know what it means. For the next week, encourage a little friendly competition and see who can use it in their daily conversations most often.

Summer Journaling

Journaling is a great way to get your child to practice their writing skills while also getting them to incorporate new words into their vocabulary. They can use the word of the week in their writing or the words they've learned while reading. To make this more fun for your child, allow them to customize their journal and make it completely their own.

Tutoring in Middletown DE

Help your child develop their vocabulary skills with the help of summer tutoring. Enroll them in one of the many tutoring programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Middletown DE. To learn more about their programs, contact them at (302) 378-8580.


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