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Homework Tips for Parents

The majority of students aren't fond of having to complete homework assignments. Even so, they still have to do it. Help your child get into the habit of completing their homework daily without much of a struggle using these simple tips.

Make Your Expectations Clear

As a parent, it helps to let your child know what your expectations are of them. When it comes to homework assignments, be sure they understand what it is that you expect from them. Start by scheduling daily homework hours and setting boundaries. Your child may also have certain expectations they will need you to meet as well. This may include having a designated study space and always having the necessary supplies to complete their assignments. It also helps to ensure that your child understands that their homework is their own responsibility, so the consequences of not doing it fall on them.

Turn Homework Into a Positive

To avoid turning homework and studying into a negative, avoid using them as punishments. Instead, make it part of your child's routine. It also helps to stay involved by asking questions about the homework they need to get done and even finding ways to make assignments more fun. Don't forget to recognize your child's hard work and offer praise when they deserve it.

Look for Additional Help

If your child is constantly struggling with their homework, they may need some extra help. Consider enrolling them in tutoring or looking for more specialized help if they need it. Keeping in contact with their teacher can also help you identify your child's struggle areas so that you can be prepared to help at home.

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