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How to Take More Effective Class Notes

Class notes are a great study tool when the semester comes to a close. To help your child take great notes that can be used to study, follow these simple tips.

Keep Notes Separate

A great way to keep your class notes organized is by using a different notebook for each class. Using separate notebooks will allow you to keep notes from different subjects neatly organized and will make them easier to find. Instead of looking through one large notebook full of notes from all your classes to find a specific set of information, you simply have to grab for that subject's notebook and look for the right information. It's also a great idea to write the date and a title each time you start taking notes. This will keep things neat and will also allow you to find specific information faster.

Use Images

If you like to draw while taking notes, don't discredit this as simply doodling. Drawing images, diagrams, and symbols can actually help make your notes more effective. Not all students use this technique, but for visual learners, this can be a great way to make notes a bit clearer. Strategies like mind mapping can help students absorb information more effectively and can make information easier to understand while reviewing old notes.

Keep Things Simple

Basic note-taking strategies will tell you that notes should be concise and easy to understand. To achieve this, it's best to focus on the most important information rather than writing down everything the teacher says. You don't have to write in complete sentences, sticking to key information, such as dates, names, and theories will make note-taking easier and more effective.

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