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How to Encourage Your Child to Practice Writing This Summer

Keeping your child's mind active through the summer is a great way to prevent the summer slide. Although your child is probably looking forward to spending time sleeping in and watching television, you can get them to take part in academic activities if you make them fun. The Tutoring Center in Middletown has some suggestions that can help your child practice writing this summer.

Start a Summer Journal

A summer journal is a great way to get your child to document their fun summer activities while also practicing their writing abilities. To get your child excited to write, start by going shopping for a journal they like and some fun writing supplies. You can encourage your child to write about anything they enjoy, from short stories to reflections about what they did that day. To make their journal more colorful, encourage your child to include photos, ticket stubs, and other items from their adventures.

Find a Pen Pal

Having a pen pal may sound like an outdated idea, but it is still a great way to encourage writing. If you're uncomfortable having your child write to a stranger, you can try finding someone in your extended family that your child can exchange letters with. Even though receiving letters through the mail is exciting, keep in mind that the technology available today also gives you the option of having your child write to someone online.

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