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Get Your Child Reading Aloud Confidently

If your child isn't feeling particularly confident when it comes to their reading skills, don't fret! You can help your child develop solid reading skills so that they can feel much more confident when it's their turn to read in front of the class. Use the following tips to encourage your child to read aloud confidently.

Practice Together

Reading together is a great way to help your child start to build their reading confidence. If they're still reluctant to read to you because they're worried about making mistakes, don't push them into it. Instead, read aloud together until they feel ready to do it on their own.

Give Your Child Time to Practice Alone

Although reading together is a good way to get your child to practice reading in front of other people, they will also benefit from having their own, independent reading time. Designate some silent reading time at home where they can work on their skills all on their own. This can help your child become more comfortable with their reading material since there is no one else to pressure them as they read.

Let Your Child Choose

When practicing with your child, allow them to select the book you'll read from. Allowing your child to choose the reading material means they'll be more excited to actually participate. They'll also be more comfortable with the book, helping to reduce the anxiety they may usually feel when it comes time to read.

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