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How to Give a Great Presentation

If your child has an important presentation coming up and they're stressed out about it, some basic prep tips can help them create their best presentation yet. To help your child get this done, show them these tips for an effective presentation.

Avoid Reading

No one likes a presentation that consists of a person standing at the front of the classroom reading out of a book. Not only is this boring, but it also doesn't help students learn anything new. As your child prepares their presentation material, have them use as little text as possible on their slides. Instead, they should learn the material so that they can talk about it in a more engaging and easy to understand manner. Not only will this be more interesting, but it will also ensure that your child is able to navigate through their presentation without any hiccups.

Use Your Voice

Your child's voice can play a huge role in how their audience perceives them. Someone who's nervous and unprepared won't just read straight from notecards, they also tend to speak fast and quietly without engaging their audience. Avoid this by having your child practice their delivery at home. Work on their volume level so that everyone in their class can hear them loud and clear. They should also work on their speed so that they don't race through the entire thing. It's also important for them to use their voice to emphasize important parts of their presentation. This inflection can also make their presentation less boring because of the change in rhythm.

Keep It Organized

Finally, be sure your child's presentation has a structure that makes sense. To start, they should have an introduction where they give their audience a brief understanding of what they're about to present. Next, the body of their presentation should cover their topic thoroughly and support their thesis. To give their presentation a smooth closing, it should include a conclusion where they restate their thesis and bring it all to a solid closing.

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