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Children Must Learn to Write Manually First

Learning to write begins between the ages of 5 and 8. Writing by hand causes more neural connections between the area of ​​the hands, elbows, and shoulders; all of these are essential for the future of good writing.

Digital vs. Traditional Approach

Current technology is changing communication and education, and these changes impact your children's education because technology is a necessary tool during a pandemic. However, this technique shouldn't be forgotten as writing by hand creates much more activity in the brain's sensory and motor parts. Many senses are activated by pressing the pencil or pen on the paper. At the same time, seeing the letters appear as they write creates contact between different brain parts.

The Brain Needs a Workout

The brain becomes more alert when writing by hand. It's important because it stimulates this organ. When possible, the student can combine typing and handwriting for a more significant challenge. If the brain is left untrained, it won't reach its full potential. So, to reap the benefits of a good education, it's necessary to make the most out of this body part first. If you exclude writing, the students won't be able to reach their potential.

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