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Summer vacation is a great time for your child to enjoy some free time and participate in various outdoor activities, but it can also feel like a long time for your child to be away from school. Enrolling your child in a tutoring program over the summer can be very beneficial. If you’re unsure about tutoring services, The Tutoring Center in Middletown can share some benefits of participating in summer tutoring.

Information retention

When summer ends and the new school year begins, some students have trouble remembering what they learned the previous school year. Often, this leads to reviews that could take weeks to get through. Summer tutoring will help your child retain the information learned the previous school year. It can also help reinforce past lessons turning memorized facts into learned facts through additional practice. Summer break can be a time to continue learning rather than a learning gap.

Confidence building

When it comes to learning, everyone has areas that they can improve on. Summer tutoring can help your child overcome tough subjects they may have struggled with over the school year. Instead of deciding they don’t like a subject because they struggled with it, summer tutoring offers extra time and help to really understand the subjects your child struggled with. Having conquered these tough areas, your child can return to school confident with a better understanding of the subject.

Easier transition

The freedom of summer vacation can make it difficult to transition back to school in the fall, but summer tutoring can help your child retain some habits to make the transition easier. Having assignments to complete over the summer will make sure your child doesn’t lose the habit of doing homework and classwork. Study habits will also be retained and may even be improved upon making sure your child is better prepared for the upcoming school year.

The Tutoring Center in Middletown helps students improve their grades by developing the skills necessary to grow in an academic environment. The one-on-one sessions make it easier to target specific areas you need help with. We offer multiple programs focused in math, reading and writing, as well as in test preparation. Contact us at 302 378 8580 for more information about our academic programs or to schedule your free consultation.


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