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Help Your Child Get the Most Out of Their Study Time

If your child needs to develop better study habits, use these tips from The Tutoring Center, Middletown DE to help them.

Consider a Designated Study Space

To help your child get the most out of their studying, be sure they're comfortable and in a space which encourages productivity. A designated study space designed to make this task more effective can be the perfect solution for your child. Start off by picking a space in your home where you can set up a desk or work table and a comfortable chair for your child. The room should have decent lighting, be at a comfortable temperature, and have minimal distractions. Keep the volume down and distracting items, like televisions, turned off during your child's study time.

Encourage Better Note Taking

Class notes are a great study tool when it comes to revising for exams. If your child doesn't take notes or can't read their own notes they will be left without a valuable tool. Encourage your child to take legible notes that include important dates, names, equations, and problem-solving steps that they will need later. Have your child use different colored pens and highlighters to color code information or to highlight important facts.

Set Study Goals

Before jumping into studying, have your child write down some goals they hope to accomplish. By writing down goals, your child will have something concrete to work towards instead of just studying random items. Maybe your child has learned new equations in their math class that they need to memorize for an exam or have vocabulary words that they need to learn. Whatever the case is, have them write down what they hope to gain out of their study session before starting.

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