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Summer is commonly known as the season where you get to forget all about school and spend your days doing leisure activities. However, it’s also the perfect time to start preparing for the new school year!

In this post, The Tutoring Center in Middletown will give you a few tips on how you can use summer to make sure you’re 100% ready for the challenges of the new grade.

How to Get Ready for the New School Year!


Every now and then, remember to step away from games and go through your notes! Prevent summer learning loss by re-reading and refreshing all the knowledge you acquired in class.

Read Ahead

Often times, school will give you an outline or summary of the lessons that will be taught next year. Avoid getting caught off guard by reading it thoroughly to prepare for what’s to come!

Set a Schedule

A new school year is basically a blank slate. Make sure to stay on the right track by setting a schedule for all the activities you need to do (studying, bedtime, extracurriculars, etc.).

Get Everything You’ll Need

Start buying school supplies early in the summer, so you don’t have to cover the whole expense at once. Make a list of everything you’ll need and check things off it little by little.

Get Back into the Routine

A few weeks before starting school again, begin getting back into the routine (your sleeping and eating schedule, for example), so it’s not as difficult once you return.

Prepare it All

Your clothing should be ready to be used. Your bag should be packed with all that you’ll need. Prepare everything ahead of time, so you aren’t worrying about them at the last minute!

Get a Tutor!

If you want to get some extra help with making sure that you’re ready to take on the new school year, hire a tutor! Here at The Tutoring Center, we offer summer tutoring in Middletown, so you can start school on the right foot. Call (302)-378-8580 to learn more about how we can help you.


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