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Reading is essential to learn, and it's part of daily life. Maybe your children or even yourself find this activity challenging. So, if you'd like to encourage your children to improve their reading skills, read on.

Measure out Their Rate

To improve results, you have to measure them first. Tell the children to read as many book pages as they can in one minute and when the time ends, count the number of lines they just read. That result is their current reading rate and the score to beat.

Utilize a Visual Pacer

Don't let them lose track. Tell them to use a bookmark, card, computer mouse, or a pencil and place them below the current sentence they're reading so they won't lose track of what they read. Underlining words helps them stay focused on the page. Children already use this method with their fingers, but a bookmark will look better.

Sharpen Vision

Neck fatigue is quite common while reading, and exercising sight comes in handy to relieve neck pain. Instead of moving the head or the neck while reading, let your children know the importance of training their sight as human eyes are instinctively drawn to movement. So, there's no need to follow each sentence with the head if they can do it with their eyes.


The enemy of reading is the lack of focus; have you ever read a page or an article, got to the end, and just forgot what you've just read? It's a matter of focus. Your child will engage more in their reading if they involve their feelings in the process. Long-term memory comes from emotion while acquiring knowledge but, if these factors are absent, your child will lose focus quickly.

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