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SAT Prep Tips for Students

The SAT can be a huge cause of stress for students. If your child is struggling with the idea of taking the test, helping them prepare can make it less stressful. Use these tips to help your child prepare and feel less stressed out.

Get to Know the Structure of the Exam

Getting to know what topics the exam covers, the structure of the exam, and what type of questions will be asked can make it less stressful for students. Sit down with your child and do some research into this type of information before they even start to study. It can also be helpful for them to watch videos or read accounts by students who have already taken the SAT in order to calm their nerves a bit.

Stay on Track With a Study Plan

Creating a study plan will help ensure that your child has enough time to study all of the material they need to cover before their test day. Working back from their exam day, set aside time each day to cover specific topics. But, before your child starts planning this out, have them take a practice test. This will give them a clear view of their current standing. Once they know what areas they've mastered and which ones they need more time to study, they can create a solid study plan that focuses on their needs.

Practice Makes Perfect

As mentioned above, a practice test is a great way to start your child's planning. While a practice test is a good place to start, it shouldn't be the only time your child takes ones. Encourage your child to take another at their halfway point so that they can measure their progress and assess how their studying is going. It's also a good idea to take another close to their test day for another look into their progress.

SAT Tutoring in Middletown DE

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