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We’ve already discussed television’s impact on your child and offered some advice in that sphere, so now The Tutoring Center in Middletown would like to offer a little information and some suggestions regarding your child’s relationship with the Internet.

Establish limits

As with most things, the Internet is best enjoyed in moderation. It can be a fantastic educational tool, and many websites provide fun and engaging content, but your child shouldn’t spend all their free time browsing. Sit down with your child and discuss how much time they are allowed to spend on the Internet each day. It’s also a good idea to be clear about times at which browsing is inappropriate, for example during meals, during study time, or when the whole family is doing something together. These rules should help form good habits and prevent your child being perpetually absorbed in their screen.

Download a child-friendly browser

If you’re worried that your children may access inappropriate content by accident while browsing the Web, download a child-friendly browser which includes a built-in content filter and parental controls to make sure they can only view age-appropriate content. There are many options, so research the browsers available to pick one that suits your child. Many also offer the option to impose time limits to restrict your child’s Internet usage.

Teach Internet safety

You can’t control your child’s browsing everywhere, even if you can control it in your home. They will most likely use the Internet at school and at friends’ houses, but if you help them develop good habits you can be sure they’ll browse safely outside the home too. Discuss with your child the importance of being safe on the Internet; explain that they should be careful which sites they visit, that they should never give out personal details, and, most importantly, should never agree to meet people they meet on the Internet in person.

Gradually increase independence

Though it may be difficult to refrain from being heavily involved in your child’s Internet use, as they get older it’s important to show that you trust them and that you believe that they’ll do the right thing when left to their own devices (excuse the pun).

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