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Unless you’ve already decided that you do not wish to expose your child to technology at a young age, which is well within your right as a parent to do, then you may wonder how you can use technology well to help your child prepare for his or her entrance to the educational world. The Tutoring Center in Middletown would like to do our best today to provide you with some excellent ways to use technology to the advantage of your child. 

If your child is not yet reading, you can use technology to help improve his or her language skills before entering school. You can start with simple games that will require your child to identify the letters of the alphabet. Next, moving up to games that ask for your child’s assistance in spelling words, by moving letters from one part of the screen to another. As your child advances, the games he or she plays can of course, advance as well. Once your child is ready, you can even find virtual word puzzles online and apps where you can make word searches for your child, perhaps using vocabulary words that he or she has been recently introduced to. The possibilities are almost endless, and any practice with language your child gets, is a good step in the right direction to academic success. 

Next, consider games that will help your child improve his or her social skills. These could be games that your child will need to play with others. You can play games with your child on the tablet, competing for points or working together. Likewise, if you allow your child to play video games, it’s great to have those which are language focused as part of the deal. As your child has to understand directions, whether written or spoken, he or she is going to be able to understand more and communicate better as well. 

Lastly, but certainly not least, you will begin to notice that your child has a growing fondness and/or appreciation for finishing tasks. As you’ve likely noticed, many games are focused on completing one thing or one set of tasks in order to move on to the next activity. Your child will begin to understand that it isn’t necessarily just about collecting the coins or spelling the words correctly, but about moving on to the next task or next level. You’ll then be able to use this realization to encourage your child that tasks should be completed well in the real world too and that the next task is often more difficult, yet more rewarding. 

Not only can you start early in using technology to help your child prepare for his or her education, you can also start early in ensuring that your child develops the proper organization skills needed to reach ultimate academic excellence. Likewise, if you are seeing that your child is in need of either assistance to improve in an area of struggle, or an extra challenge in an area where he or she is above average, remember that the expert staff at The Tutoring Center can be of assistance. For tutoring in Middletown, contact us to schedule your child’s service, (302)-378-8580.


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