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Get Your Child Reading Aloud Confidently

If your child isn't feeling particularly confident when it comes to their reading skills, don't fret! You can help your child develop solid reading skills so that they can feel much more confident when it's their turn to read in front of the class. Use...

Tips to Make Learning History More Fun

History can be a challenging subject for many students because of the endless dates to memorize, the historical figures to learn, and tediousness of it all. With that said, history can also be super interesting and fun if you go about it the right way. To...

Why After School Activities Are So Important for Students

After school activities provide the perfect opportunity for students to stay productive while having fun. Students may be eager to participate in them because of the fun factor, but there are tons of other reasons why parents should also...

Important Math Skills for Young Children

Even if your child hasn't started school yet, it's never too early to introduce them to certain academic skills. Help your child prepare for school by teaching them basic math skills they can build on later in their academic career.

Number Sense


Inspire Your Child to Be More Creative

Creativity and innovation are important skills for children to strengthen, but there isn't always space for them in the classroom. Because academic demands are so strict, teachers may not have time to focus on these skills. Luckily, you can help your child...

Summer Activities to Keep Your Child Busy

Children who don't engage their brain over the summer are very likely to lose valuable knowledge they acquired during the school year. To prevent this, you don't necessarily have to enroll your child in summer school. Some fun and educational activities...

How to Write a Great Essay

Essay writing can be quite intimidating, especially if you haven't written many. However, with practice and the right guidance, writing an essay can be a breeze. To help your child write a great essay, check out these tips.

Understand the Topic

Before even starting to...

Tips for Better Class Notes

Learning to take great class notes can be a huge benefit for all students. While many students may think they're doing enough while taking notes, they can probably improve a couple things in their note-taking style. To help your child take even better notes than they...

Make Asking Questions the Norm

Asking questions is a large part of every student's academic journey. Whether they ask questions out of interest in a subject or because they don't understand a lesson, taking the initiative to do so will help them grow. Because of this, it's important that your...

Why Sleep Is Important for Your Child

Getting the right amount of sleep every night is very important for anyone's health. For young, developing students, this is even more important. To learn more about the important role sleep plays in your child's life, continue reading.

Students and Sleep



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