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As your child is making academic strides throughout the course of his or her education, surely you want to help your child receive the best educational advantages possible. Alongside the educational system you choose to enroll your child in, there are other ways you can help him or her gain even more knowledge. Today, The Tutoring Center in Middletown would like to discuss what the benefits of learning a new language are and how this task, while still being fun, can give your child the upper hand in the academic realm. 

Improves first language

While in the process of learning a second language, the student is given opportunities to reevaluate why things are structured the way they are in their first language. It helps them become more familiar with parts of speech and their functions, as well as sentence structure. Not only that but it is also natural for one’s vocabulary to improve in the original language as one is exposed to new vocabulary in another language. 

Improves learning in other academic areas

Your child’s grades will likely improve not only in English class, but also in other academic areas. When a person is learning a new language, their brain is forced to operate in ways it is not necessarily used to, which helps to develop cognitive skills in all areas. 

Improves SAT scores

Similarly, because new language learning helps to develop cognitive skills and vocabulary, students who are multilingual tend to score higher on the SAT than their monolingual peers!

Improves Memory

As you know, the more the brain is used, the more powerful it becomes. Since your child will be using his or her brain in new ways, plus their regular academic regimen, it is likely that his or her memory will improve altogether. In the long run, learning multiple languages can also help prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s. 

Improves Multitasking Ability 

When learning a new language, the first step is often translating from the first language to the other. Once that task is done really well, it can be done almost simultaneously. Imagine what this can do for a person’s ability to multitask! Those who can translate simultaneously are at an advantage. Surely, the goal would be to eventually not have to translate at all, and instead speak the new language fluently. However, even then, the skill of multitasking that was improved does not go away and in fact can become very beneficial in other areas. 

We’ve already talked about how you can assist your child in developing strong study skills, so keep that in mind when you and your child are attempting new language acquisition. As your child is improving in this area, he or she may discover that their propensity for language is much more acute than their propensity for, say, mathematics.  

If this happens, remember that The Tutoring Center has many tutoring programs in place that can assist your child with any academic difficulties. For tutoring in Middletown, be sure to give us a call, (302)-378-8580.


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