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If your child is getting tired of the monotonous routine, their feelings might influence their study habits and affect their academic performance. In this post by The Tutoring Center, Middletown, you'll see a couple of suggestions you can do at home to help your children get back on track.

Time to Spice Things Up

It's crucial to reorganize their routine to motivate your children to study and get them excited about school. First, post their schedule in a visible place and help them create a study plan for the week that allows them to advance on their workload while leaving some time off to rest or play. Your children need to understand that school is a responsibility. Laziness and avoiding homework won't get them very far; it'll actually affect their academic performance. If you want to help them hone their study habits, follow these pointers:

Give Them One Hour a Day to Study

Be determined in this regard and make sure they complete this task as it allows the right amount of time to focus on the subject without diversions.

Listen When Your Child Asks for Help

Children and teenagers might have a hard time following specific concepts and other subjects. Don't punish them for asking questions. Try to be there for them and guide them through their assignments. If they need help, try tutoring or one-on-one sessions to overcome learning challenges.

In Short

It will never be too late to motivate your children to study. Every day is an opportunity to develop their relationship with school and improve their chances of getting good grades.

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