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Most children have a lot of energy, get bored easily and can lose focus of the tasks at hand fairly quickly. However, being able to concentrate on an assignment or lecture is key to do well in school!

If your child is having problems staying concentrated, don’t worry! The Tutoring Center in Middletown has a few tips, so s/he can conquer his/her attention span.

How to Improve Concentration in School

Avoid Outside Stimuli

If your child is having trouble concentrating in his/her studies, then the TV or smart phone should be off. Ensure that nothing will take his/her focus away from these tasks.

Get Involved

Encourage your child to take notes, ask questions and engage in discussions to stay focused. This way, his/her brain will be fixed upon taking and assimilating the information.

Take Breaks

If we’ve working too hard on something, our brains can get tired and easily distracted as a result! Make sure your child takes a break from time to time to keep him/her in check.

Well-Rested and Well-Fed

Being hungry or sleepy results in an unhealthy child, and an uninterested student. Ensure that s/he eats well and sleeps enough to stay healthy and do well in school.

Set Goals

Motivation is very important when it comes to keeping the mind focused. Set doable goals for your child and reward him/her when they’re accomplished to keep their drive going.

Get a Tutor!

Your child’s mind may wander off because s/he’s having trouble with the subject or how it’s being taught. If that’s the case, then a tutor will be able to help, since s/he will adapt to your child’s needs, so s/he can understand the lessons and increase focus.

For Tutoring in Middletown

If you’re searching for a tutor in Middletown, The Tutoring Center is formed by a team of experts who will make sure your child reaches his/her academic goals.

Here at The Tutoring Center, we work hard to provide your child with the tools and approach s/he needs to succeed. Call (302)-378-8580 for more information about how we can help and to learn more about our summer tutoring programs.


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