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  Healthy hygiene habits are essential for good health and it's important to apply both at home and at school to prevent children from falling ill and, in many cases, promote their own well-being.

Provide Them with Their Own Personal Hygiene Supplies

This is the first step in getting them used to good hygiene habits. From a very young age, children have to have their own toothbrush and toothpaste, comb, soap, or towels and feel responsible for them. In addition to the items they have at home, it's important to encourage them to carry a small daily toiletry bag with a disinfectant gel,  soap, a toothbrush, and toothpaste, especially if they eat at school.

Wash Your Hands and Nails

Hands are one of the most important vehicles for spreading germs and infections, so you must teach them to always keep theirs clean. They must learn to wash their hands properly with soap and water, especially before handling food and eating, after handling animals, before and after using the bathroom and, of course, whenever they are dirty. They can also use a disinfectant gel, which they can make themselves with the help of an adult, and always carry it in their toiletry bag.

Daily Showers

If bath time turns into a fun activity, it won't be difficult to add it to their routine. As they grow, they must be taught how to wash each part of their body.

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