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Having strong study skills is like having a toolbox filled with all the means a task demands. These abilities are acquired throughout school years, and they are essential for a great academic achievement.

At the Tutoring Center in Middletown, we know the importance of this subject. That’s why, we tell you which competences are important for the success of your children.

Reading Comprehension

Your children must understand what they read; a poor vocabulary or the inability to paraphrase are some of the most common problems. Active reading is the first step to comprehend the learning material and it will also increase their retention.


The ability to retrieve what they have learned is fundamental; knowing how to take notes and study from them is very important for this skill.


The capacity to establish priorities and finishing tasks on time is another fundamental study skill. Nowadays, procrastination is a common word; strong time management is the answer to this problem.

The most important thing is how your children transform the material into something meaningful.  Keep in mind that they can’t acquire these abilities overnight. Fortunately, there is something you can do.

Remember The Tutoring Center has great programs, that will prepare your children for their academic demands. Developing these tools is the first step for a bright future! Think about us, next time you are looking for tutoring in Middletown.

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