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Tips for Better Class Notes

Learning to take great class notes can be a huge benefit for all students. While many students may think they're doing enough while taking notes, they can probably improve a couple things in their note-taking style. To help your child take even better notes than they do now, check out these tips.

Be Prepared to Listen

Many students think that in order to take great notes they have to write down everything their teacher says. To put it simply, this just isn't true. In fact, your child will be much better off if they actively listen to the lesson and only write down the most important parts. If they spend the entire time writing, they'll miss the lesson altogether and may realize later on that their notes don't make any sense.

Find a Note Taking System That Works

There are a number of different note-taking systems your child can experiment with until they find one that works for them. From the Cornell method to the mapping method, there are techniques out there for just about every learning style. Encourage them to try out different styles until they find one they're comfortable with that also helps them take better notes.

Rewrite Your Notes

Encourage your child to rewrite their notes after class in order to get the most out of them. Rewriting their notes will allow your child to write them down more neatly, making them easier to study from later on. Rewriting them or typing them up also forces your child to review them, helping them retain the information better.

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