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Beware of Apps That Claim to Be Educational

Although tablets, computer games, and applications are promoted as "educational", the truth is that most of them have not been evaluated to verify that children learn when they use them. They generally require basic skills so don't assume that an "interactive" game can be an educational experience. Children learn best through creative games, where their brain takes the initiative and not the app or video games.

Lead by Example

If your children see that you read regularly, chances are they will follow your lead and sit down to read a book on their own. Take some time to talk to them about their current reads. In addition to homework, your children should spend some time reading not only with you but also on their own. If a child finds pleasure in reading, this will likely become a lifelong habit.

Encourage Them to Write and Draw

You should also encourage your children to write or draw with no educational purpose in mind other than their self-expression. You may also be able to write original stories or write cards, letters, and invitations to friends and relatives. Keep paper, pencils, crayons, markers, and tape in a convenient place so they can sit down and use them without planning ahead.

Tutoring in Middletown DE

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