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Tips to Reduce Your Child's Screen Time

As children spend more of their time in front of screens than ever before, it can be harder for parents to regulate their screen time. To ensure your child takes a break from their electronics, use these tips from The Tutoring Center, Middletown.

Make Screen Time a Reward

Parents having a hard time getting their children to put down their screens can benefit from turning certain electronics into a reward. While your child may need a laptop or computer to complete their homework, they may not need their cellphone or video games to do so. Instead of letting your child spend all day on these devices, give them access to these only after they've completed their homework, studying, and certain chores.

Plan Screen-Free Activities

Telling your child to take a break from the tablet may be easy enough, but if they have nothing else to do it can turn into a real struggle. Think of some fun activities for your whole family to enjoy to help everyone spend some time away from their screens. From family games nights to a family hiking trip, set up different activities that will get the family enjoying time together.

Set the Right Example

If you're hoping to get your child to spend more time away from their screens, you will have to set the right example. If you make certain parts of your home or certain hours of the day screen-free, this shouldn't just apply to your child. Grab a book instead of turning on the television and set your phone to silent so you're not tempted to answer work emails while at home. Although this may be hard, it'll teach your child the right lesson.

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