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Tips to Improve Mental Math Abilities

It seems that few students are fond of math, but that doesn't mean your child's attitude towards the subject can't change. To help your child improve their mental math skills and lose some of the stress they feel around the subject, use these mental math tips.

Memorize Multiplication Tricks

Having sharp mental math skills allows students to work through math problems quickly and more accurately. This is why memorizing certain multiplication will be a huge help as they work through their math assignments. For example, knowing that anything that is multiplied by 5 will either end in a 5 or 0 or that anything multiplied by 10 will just need a 0 added to it at the end can save them tons of time.

Online Activities

It's no secret that students love anything related to technology. Use this in your favor and download some apps or games that are math related or look for online activities that can help them practice their math skills. Look for timed activities that will help them think fast and accurately so that their mental math skills can improve as well.

Break It Down

Long math problems can be overwhelming to just look at, so actually solving them can be a nightmare for many students. To make this easier, teach your child to break down the problem into smaller problems they'll be able to solve faster. By taking it one small problem at a time, your child can work on solving large problems in their head.

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