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Tips to Make Homework Time Easier

If your child struggles to complete homework daily, use these tips to make homework time more manageable and effective.

Remove Distractions

If your child has trouble staying concentrated while working on homework, it's time to get rid of their biggest distractions. To start off, have your child complete homework during the quietest hours in your home. If necessary, implement quiet hours during which televisions, radios, and other electronics cannot be used. Have everyone use quiet indoor voices and avoid having guests over. If your child is distracted by their cell phone, have them place it in another room until they're done with their homework.

Take Homework Breaks

Homework can be overwhelming, especially after a long and hard day of classes. If your child is really struggling to focus, allow them to take breaks in between assignments. A snack, a walk, or even just time to talk about something that's bothering them can make completing homework easier.

Make Homework Fun

Most students dread homework because it's not very fun. Help make homework time more enjoyable by making assignments fun. If your child is learning the alphabet, use different materials for them to form letters out of. If your child is learning simple math, use their favorite snacks, such as small crackers, to practice addition and subtraction. Incorporate their interests into examples to make homework time more entertaining.

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