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Grammar is more important than we often give it credit for: it affects how we communicate through written form, it impacts our understanding of the world and it influences how well others comprehend what we're saying. This is why it's crucial that your child learns grammar effectively. If you'd like a few tips on how you can help them improve in this academic skill over summer break, continue reading.

How to Help Your Child with Grammar

Help Them Create a Reading Habit

Summer is here, which means that your child will have a lot of free time. Reading is one of the best ways to use said free time since it will help them with vocabulary, spelling, grammar, general knowledge and more. Give them books suited to their interests/age, or read along with them so they can start creating a reading habit.

Stimulate Their Writing Skills

As mentioned above, grammar has a lot to do with writing and being understood. For this very reason, your child should practice with writing. You can tell them to keep a summer journal where they document every thought or activity they had during the break. Likewise, you can also motivate them to use their imagination and make up short stories, so they can improve as writers.

Give Them Extra Practice

Finally, you can help them develop their grammar skills further by giving them extra practice, such as worksheets that they should complete correctly during their vacation. You'll be able to find good ones online after a quick internet search. You should also think about creating a reward system to motivate them to work hard on their practice sheets.

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