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High school students have a hard time balancing family gatherings and the amount of homework they have to do throughout the winter break. It may not even look like a vacation! Teachers tend to assign a substantial amount of work during the holidays. Why? After a long break, doing homework can be beneficial for the following:
  • Limits the loss (or "regression") of newly acquired skills: When it comes to learning, the expression, "If you don't use it, you forget it!" is entirely accurate.
  • Help teens prepare for college and also future jobs by using their time management skills.

It's a Way to Improve School Grades

Teachers sometimes offer opportunities to improve grades, earn extra credit over the break by doing projects, or make-up work to allow the class to catch up on an assignment or two if they are falling behind. Doing these projects over the break can be less stressful than forcing them in during the second half of the school year.


Teenagers need to understand why teachers commission them with more homework over the winter break. Once they make peace with it, their attitude towards the whole ordeal will improve. As a parent, you can help your teen decide when and how to do their assignments; it's suggested to set some days of the week apart to focus exclusively on completing these projects rather than attempting to do all the tasks the day before they go back to school.

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