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Tips That Can Help Your Child Increase Their Attention Span

If your child has a tough time staying focused and productive, use these tips to get their mind focused.

Figure out When They're Productive

If you notice that your child has a hard time concentrating during certain times of the day but excels at it during other hours, this is perfectly normal. Just like some of us feel more awake at night, others tend to be more productive in the morning. Use this to your child's advantage by figuring out what routine helps them get in the zone and what hours are their peak hours. Once you have this sorted, they should have an easier time staying concentrated on their studying and homework.

Allow Movement While Working

Most people associate movement while studying with being distracted. However, this isn't always the case. Some students, especially those who are kinesthetic learners, tend to benefit from moving around while studying. Walking around, associating certain movements with vocabulary words, and even doodling while listening to a recording are all great ways for children to stay concentrated. Instead of making your child sit still as they study, first figure out if their movement is helping them or if it is a distraction.

Remove Pesky Distractions

Everyone has to deal with distractions when trying to get important tasks done. As you get older, it gets easier to pinpoint exactly what your biggest distractions are. For now, you can help your child by keeping an eye out for what is ruining their concentration. Distractions come in many shapes and sizes; they may be visual, physical, internal, or external, etc. Once they're removed, your child should have an easier time staying focused and productive.

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