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If you have a child that could benefit from being more disciplined and responsible, you must consider the following tips by The Tutoring Center, Middletown, to help them feel more in control and productive little by little.

Assign Chores and Responsibilities

Despite their young age, it's time to assign children some tasks they can do. This step will help make them feel useful and understand that they can help their parents by walking and feeding the dog, watering the plants, putting up the tablecloths, cleaning their room, etc.

Give Them the Chance to Make Decisions

Allowing them to choose between several alternatives such as clothes or choosing a movie to watch will help them be more confident and understand that they have decision power over a couple of things. However, please proceed with caution and be firm to let them know that certain things are not open to discussion.

Refrain from Giving Explanations

Children and teenagers tend to question why they should do certain things. Explain it once clearly, but then stand firm and save yourself repeating the same phrases over and over again; change them to "I have already explained it to you, and I won't be discussing it any further."

Please Don't Engage in Their Tantrums

Don't pretend that your child will stop to listen to what you have to say in the middle of an outburst. Reasoning in this scenario is pointless, so waiting until the child has calmed down will be more effective in talking about what went wrong since they will be much more receptive.

On Resorting to Books and Visual Media,

Using stories and movies to model behaviors and values will be very eye-catching for young children. This tool could be handy to model positive behaviors, good values, and ways of knowing and managing emotions through stories and movies.

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