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Fun Activities to Get Your Child Reading

Encouraging your child to read for fun early on can help them develop a great lifelong habit. Whether your child is just beginning to learn how to read or if they're expert readers already, make sure they continue to learn through their reading.��The Tutoring Center in Middletown has some fun ways to motivate your child to read and improve their reading comprehension.

House of Words

If your child is just learning to read, turn your home into a word filled space. Create an alphabet poster with your child and hang it in their room. Make labels for things all around your home with your child's help. Take some time to read aloud together out of books, magazines or newspapers. Ask your child to help your write grocery lists and to-do lists. Familiarizing your child with letters and everyday words will help them feel more confident when learning to read.

Act it Out

Reading comprehension is a hugely important part of reading. To make sure your child is understanding what they read, stop and act out parts of stories. This activity can be done with just about any text, including poems, short stories and newspaper stories. Read aloud with your child and then take turns acting out what you read. Encourage your child to let loose and have fun while they act it out.

Talk About It

Take some time to read aloud with your child and discuss what is going on in the story. As you read, take some breaks to discuss characters, settings and actions. Ask your child to predict what will happen next. Once you're done reading, discuss your favorite parts of the story and decide what parts you would change. This activity will help ensure your child is understanding what they read and will encourage them to form opinions and arguments they can support.

Tutoring in Middletown

The Tutoring Center in Middletown can help your child achieve academic success. Our one-to-one tutoring sessions will ensure your child gets the most out of each visit. Be sure to check out our academic programs focused in reading, writing, math and test preparation. Give us a call at (302)378- 8580 to set up your free consultation.


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