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Make Asking Questions the Norm

Asking questions is a large part of every student's academic journey. Whether they ask questions out of interest in a subject or because they don't understand a lesson, taking the initiative to do so will help them grow. Because of this, it's important that your child doesn't shy away from asking questions when they have them. To make asking questions the norm for them, use these tips.

Encourage Questions at Home

Young children tend to be quite curious and may ask tons of questions. We understand that this can get tiring after a while, but go with it. Encouraging your child's curiosity will only result in their growth and may even help them find their passions. If you don't have the answer to something, that's ok. You can use this to explore the question and look for an answer together. If your child doesn't ask many questions, ask them questions yourself to get them thinking until they can come up with their own.

Make Questions Rewarding

The great thing about asking questions is that we often get a response that teaches us something new. Help your child understand that asking questions will leave them with some type of reward. Let them know that asking for help isn't a bad thing, and can actually help them connect with others and make gains. Remind your child that if they don't ask, the answer will always be no.

Break the Uncool Stigma

In a classroom setting, students may think asking questions is uncool because it means you don't know something. This often leads students to not ask questions for fear of exposing themselves as uncool. Help your child overcome this negative stigma by letting them know that there are plenty of other students who probably have the same question but are too scared to speak up. Let them know they're not alone and will be helping others by asking questions when they're lost.

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