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Use Technology to Build Language Skills

While some may argue that technology is more of a distraction than a learning tool, when it comes to foreign language learning it can be a huge help. The Tutoring Center in Middletown has some simple tips to help your child develop their foreign language skills through technology.

Find Apps to Improve Foreign Language Abilities

Your child likely spends hours on their cell phone or tablet playing games and chatting with friends. Encourage them to use some of that time on fun games that also encourage learning. Applications like Duolingo have been known to be a great asset when it comes to learning a new language. Applications can test your child's abilities while teaching them new ones through multiple methods. Applications like Duolingo include listening, speaking, matching and translating exercises that feel more like games than learning.

Change Your Device Settings

Changing your child's cell phone or tablet language setting will force them to use their language skills daily. By simply having to read and interact with foreign words while accomplishing daily tasks, they will get more comfortable with the language they're learning. You can even change the language on devices around the house and get the whole family practicing.

Interact with Native Speakers

A great way to have your child practice their listening, speaking and writing abilities is by having them interact with native speakers of the language they're learning. You can sign your child up for a pen pal in a foreign country and have them interact through email. There are also some language programs online that have your child interact with native speakers through webcams or recordings. Just be sure to monitor your child's online interactions.

Tutoring in Middletown

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