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Tools to Help You Study More Effectively

Studying for exams can feel like an overwhelming task, especially if you haven't kept up with your planned study routine. Don't despair, give yourself enough time to study and the right tools for the task and you'll soon notice the progress you're making. The Tutoring Center in Middletown can help you find the perfect tool for your study sessions.

Study with Flashcards

Flashcards are a great tool when it comes to studying. Flashcards are especially helpful when learning about important people in history or as a method of learning specific concepts. Write a name or a concept on one side and it's meaning on the other. You can have a friend quiz you using the flashcards or study on your own. Separate your cards into two piles as you go, one pile for the ones you definitely know and another for the ones that need more work.

Class Notes as a Study Tool

As you take notes in class, remember that they will be a great tool come exam time. Do your best to take clear, concise notes that will help you study. You can color code, highlight or underline important parts for future reference. Another great way to learn from your notes is by re-writing them as a study method.

Study Groups for Better Results

Some people may think a study group is a bad idea, but if you stay focused on the task at hand, a study group can be a great tool for learning. Someone in your group may have mastered something you're having trouble with and vice-versa. Help each other out and take some time to quiz each other to measure how much you've learned.

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