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Summer Activities to Keep Your Child Busy

Children who don't engage their brain over the summer are very likely to lose valuable knowledge they acquired during the school year. To prevent this, you don't necessarily have to enroll your child in summer school. Some fun and educational activities can help keep the summer slide at bay.

Extracurricular Activities

Enrolling your child in an extracurricular activity over the summer has plenty of pros. Not only will they be too busy to get bored at home, they will also develop a new skill, explore their passion, learn leadership skills, and make new friends. Anything from learning a new instrument to taking a cooking class can help challenge your child and keep them on their toes until the new school year rolls around.

At-Home Art Projects

If your child is quite an artist, help them explore this interest further over the summer. You can buy your child an easel and some supplies or even experiment with something like making a tie-dye shirt. Whatever you choose to do, add an educational twist to it. For example, you can take this time to teach your child about the color wheel. If your child is more into photography, you can teach them about light or even the chemistry behind analog photography.

Experiment With Science

At-home science experiments are always a huge hit with students. This is because they tend to be interactive, meaning they feel more like playtime than actual learning. Use something as simple as planting a garden to teach your child about the science behind their growing plants. Consider camping out in the backyard while learning about the solar system and astronomy.

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