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Important Math Skills for Young Children

Even if your child hasn't started school yet, it's never too early to introduce them to certain academic skills. Help your child prepare for school by teaching them basic math skills they can build on later in their academic career.

Number Sense

Number sense refers to a child's ability to count numbers accurately. Younger children can start by learning to count forward and learning to identify numbers. Once they master this, they can move on to counting backward and other more complex skills. For example, teach your child to identify the relationship between numbers through basic addition and subtraction. You can practice this with their toys and other household objects so that their math practice is much more visual and engaging.

Spatial Sense

Spatial sense refers to concepts like shapes, sizes, space, and direction. These are the basic foundation for more complex subjects like Geometry. To practice these skills, start by introducing your child to different shapes. You can gather different objects from around the house and have your child practice sorting these by their shape or even their size.

Estimation Skills

Estimating skills include a child's ability to make an educated guess regarding the size of an object, an amount, or even the weight of an object. These types of skills can be very difficult for younger children, so be patient and start them off with the basics. Teach them to compare objects using words like bigger, smaller, less, more, or less than and more than. A good activity to try is asking your child if a certain object will fit in different spaces.

Math Tutoring in Middletown DE

Introducing your child to basic math concepts is easy, but if your child needs additional math help, tutoring in Middletown is a great solution. Check out the academic programs offered at The Tutoring Center, Middletown DE which can help your child reach academic success. Learn more about these by giving them a call at (302) 378-8580.


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