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How to Speak With Your Children About Internet Safety

While technology can be greatly advantageous for everyone, the digital age poses some dangers that didn't exist before. It's best to acknowledge and discuss them with your children and teens, to prevent unsavoury experiences.

Social Media Oversharing

Social media are a platform for sharing everything, from who we're friends with to what we like and where we hang out. Sharing too much on the net can do anything from ruining job applications because of a single post, to having strangers know the whole family's daily routine. Underline the need to keep as much as they can private and befriending only people they know well and in real life.

Inappropriate Content

Inappropriate content might be a few clicks away and anyone could stumble upon it accidentally. Talk with your children or teens about this content and why it's not right for them to browse it. If they have already seen it, discuss it calmly.

Contact With Strangers

It's practically a given that your children or teens will participate in chatrooms, which can be fun and where they can make real friends; however, warn them that there are many strangers out there that lie to convince people to meet in person, and the dangers this could pose.


Firewalls and antivirus don't keep hackers away all the time, and it's even worse if we provide personal information unwittingly. Remind your children and teens that private information is precious and privacy leaks very real.

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