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Knowing your child’s learning style and how you can help adapt the school lessons to it, can really improve his/her understanding on the subjects and his/her grades. In order to help you out in this respect, The Tutoring Center in Middletown has these helpful tips for you!

How to Adapt to Your Child's Learning Style 

To Suit the Visual

If your child is good with remembering faces, images or has a very good understanding of space and color, s/he is a visual learner.

- Focus on getting him/her visual aid for each lesson (for example, drawings, pictures, videos).
- Encourage him/her to create diagrams and charts so s/he can visually connect the concepts.

To Fit the Auditory

If, on the other hand, your young one has a stronger ear and can recollect conversations, songs and poems with ease, then s/he is an auditory learner.

- Have discussions with him/her and engage in conversations about school subjects.
- If possible, record the lectures so s/he can go over them when the time to study comes along.

To Adapt to the Kinesthetic

A kinesthetic learner uses his/her whole body (with movements, by touching things, etc.) to get a better idea of the world, which is why they are good at physical activities.

- Get him/her tools that s/he can use to learn better (for example, a puzzle, an abacus, and other similar items).
- Be understanding if s/he is moving a lot or taking breaks from time to time when studying.

For Tutoring in Middletown…

A tutor’s job is to adapt to your child’s learning style to provide him/her with a more enjoyable and efficient academic experience. Here at The Tutoring Center we make an effort to work with your child to help him/her become a better learner. Call (302)-378-8580 to learn more about how we can be of assistance.


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