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  Developing creativity in children is very important for their integral development. Creativity is key if you want your children to be independent in their way of thinking, assimilate well the situations they live in, develop the capacity for reasoning and sensibility. A good option to develop creativity in children is through games and activities, so that they learn to find different solutions for the same problem.

Reading and Telling Stories

Fairytales and stories amuse and entertain children, but also enhance their creative capacity and imagination. You can play with them to invent endings of the stories or to create new ones for those they already know.

Visit Museums and Exhibitions

Visiting a museum or an exhibition can be quite an adventure for children. Invite them to share their vision of an object or painting while roaming in the museum or the planetarium.

Interpret Figures

You can lie down on the lawn of a park or in a hammock on the roof and play to interpret figures with the clouds and the stars. This is also a great exercise for the child to learn about constellations.

Group Games

If you have more than one child, a good exercise is to create a group story. One person begins to tell a story, and others continue to add their contribution as they go along and build it originally. This game enhances the imagination, creativity, and socialization of children.

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