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Make Asking Questions the Norm

Asking questions is a large part of every student's academic journey. Whether they ask questions out of interest in a subject or because they don't understand a lesson, taking the initiative to do so will help them grow. Because of this, it's important that your...

Why Sleep Is Important for Your Child

Getting the right amount of sleep every night is very important for anyone's health. For young, developing students, this is even more important. To learn more about the important role sleep plays in your child's life, continue reading.

Students and Sleep


Keep Your Child Motivated While Learning Math

Math can be a challenging subject for almost all students, so it may not be a huge surprise that many of them don't want to practice it beyond their homework. In order for your child to get better at math, they will have to practice it more. Help...

How to Help Your Child Improve Their Oral Reading Skills

Reading involves much more than just being able to recognize the words on a page. In fact, this skill is actually a set of skills that all work together to make sense of what is on a page. One of the skills your child must master in order...

Encourage Your Child to Make the Most of Their Winter Break

Winter break gives students a much-needed break from their strict academic routine. Although it's necessary to take a break from academics, don't throw them out the window completely. Encourage your child to use these weeks away from...

Homework Tips for Parents

The majority of students aren't fond of having to complete homework assignments. Even so, they still have to do it. Help your child get into the habit of completing their homework daily without much of a struggle using these simple tips.

Make Your Expectations Clear

As a...

How to Increase Your Child's Academic Confidence

Students who struggle in school can suffer from low self-esteem in and out of the classroom. This can lead to bad school performance, social isolation, and negative associations with learning. If your child is showing signs of struggle, help them...

Important School Routines to Establish

If your child has a hard time keeping up during the school year, a bit of structure may help. Although they may struggle to adapt to a routine, they'll adjust and be on their way to a more successful school year. Use these tips to start developing some new...

Help Your Child Strengthen Their Vocabulary This Summer

Language skills are the key to great communication and a solid future. To help your child expand their vocabulary this summer and develop their language arts skills, use these tips.

Daily Reading Time

Reading is one of the best ways for...

The Benefits of Summer Tutoring for All Students

Your child may groan unhappily every time you mention academics over the summer. While this is their time to take a break from a strict school year routine, they definitely shouldn't forget all about their academics. To find the perfect balance...


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