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Children Must Learn to Write Manually First

Learning to write begins between the ages of 5 and 8. Writing by hand causes more neural connections between the area of ​​the hands, elbows, and shoulders; all of these are essential for the future of good writing.

Digital vs. Traditional Approach


Having a great focus is closely linked to being able to retain and recall information satisfactorily. So, if you're able to develop and increase your ability to concentrate, your memory will improve. Keep reading these suggestions by The Tutoring Center, Middletown, and learn to cultivate these...

If you have a child that could benefit from being more disciplined and responsible, you must consider the following tips by The Tutoring Center, Middletown, to help them feel more in control and productive little by little.

Assign Chores and Responsibilities

Despite their young age, it's time...

High school students have a hard time balancing family gatherings and the amount of homework they have to do throughout the winter break. It may not even look like a vacation! Teachers tend to assign a substantial amount of work during the holidays. Why? After a long break, doing homework can...

Parent's Tend to Neglect This Aspect When Their Children Go Through Adolescence

Most parents won't deem as necessary to attend parent-teacher meetings or join the teacher for something as little as a private conversation regarding their children's progress in class. Students have better school...

  Developing creativity in children is very important for their integral development. Creativity is key if you want your children to be independent in their way of thinking, assimilate well the situations they live in, develop the capacity for reasoning and sensibility. A good option to...

Beware of Apps That Claim to Be Educational

Although tablets, computer games, and applications are promoted as "educational", the truth is that most of them have not been evaluated to verify that children learn when they use them. They generally require basic skills so don't assume that an...

  Healthy hygiene habits are essential for good health and it's important to apply both at home and at school to prevent children from falling ill and, in many cases, promote their own well-being.

Provide Them with Their Own Personal Hygiene Supplies

This is the first step in getting them...

Detect the Issue on Time

When a child starts to show delays in their learning process, parents and teachers alike must remain vigilant to identify if the root of the challenge is indifference, attention deficit, or a lack of focus. Having said that, the following suggestions can help to...

Let's Begin!

There is no universal method to get the motivation to keep on learning. If you want your children to be happy, you must understand that each one is unique in their own way so, the key for them to learn without limits is to awaken the desire to tackle each school lesson with a sense...


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